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  1. by Thungchanbemo

    Dear Kayla,
    Your pictures are very beautiful. Just keep uploading more. Thanks.

  2. by Mario Young

    You have to be one of the most beautiful women in Dallas.

  3. by Thungchanbemo Ezung

    Hi Kayla,
    You look so beautiful. I have seen the most beautiful girl in the world.

  4. by Charles Fernandez

    Hi kayla. First of all I congratulate you because you’re a very pretty girl and because you are an example of self-esteem and dedication. I am the uncle of a transgender girl so far is starting to give battle to become the person who feels herself.
    The parents of my niece have a hard time accepting it as it is and I am who has been supporting the family because I understand that people like her and like you need all the support of their families to help them accept themselves and as they are and to have the courage to face the society that rejects them.
    My niece is 13 and is a girl not yet dimensioned everything will have to face their condition and that is why I am beginning to make contact with people like you to know a little about their experience and their process and to show to it that people like you are a worthy example to follow.

  5. by Dan Rutterman

    Hi Kayla. I just joined up here. I think you’re a lovely girl. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. :)


  6. by alex mackay

    Hello Kayla,
    Lovely pictures of a beautiful girl. Please be very happy.
    I opened your site because I thought I had seen a video of you strutting in a rather fetching, but short, yellow skirt. I must have been wrong no such video on your site, maybe an old one?
    my best wishes or a successful complete transition, Alex.

  7. by guadalupe gutierrez

    I don no if you spek spanihs but te miras mui ermosa te felicito por ese balor que tubiste para poder ser tu de nuebo tebes muy ermosa cuidate y mucha suerte

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