I’m so happy to see everyone that has found my page and subscribed for free or paid membership. I’m sorry if anyone is upset about my new site but I’m so happy to have had someone help me set this up. I love getting the opportunity to spend time as Kayla and to share that with others and I really appreciate all the kind comments I get. This site is what I needed to continue to share my adventures and pictures but to also allow me to continue to do so. The paid subscriptions and any donations I get are what allows me to spend time as Kayla so to everyone that has helped or will help with that thank you so much!!

I will be updating this more often than my previous pages and will also have a video section soon and a I have a lot of additional photos to still add!!


Fund raising page!

Since Paypal has closed my current account and I can no longer use it’s services here.  I set up a new paypal and started a fund raising page for my transition!  I am looing to get a trachea shave and breast augmentation done in July so any help toward that would […]


Paypal sucks!!

So I filed an appeal with paypal to no avail.  They have closed my account and suspended me from using their services now I tried to explain that this site is a way to help raise money for my transition but they didn’t care.  I wanted to try and set […]


Paypal problem and quick update

Paypal limited and suspended my account yesterday.  They said that they view this page as an adult content for mature audiences so they said I broke a violation.  I explained to them just what this site is and that there is no explicit content at all.  I had to email […]


MIA and corporate visit

I hate that I keep getting behind on this site but life just continues to be so busy and keep me tied down for now.  I have been prepping and getting my store ready for a corporate inspection so that means 16-18 hour days, little sleep, and no free time.  […]


New pics and a new blog

I finally got some great pictures edited from my last days off and uploaded on the site, hope everyone loves them!!  I have also started a new blog on a page where I will know how to update things myself and not always wait on my friend to have to […]


New gallery and Hormone update

I went to my doctor’s visit on the 14th and was prescribed my hormones!!  I’m starting with 2 mg of estrogen twice a day and 25 mg of testosterone blockers 2 pills, twice a day.  I started the hormones on the 16th.  This next Wednesday, day before Thanksgiving, will be […]


Vacation and Halloween

So I just had a chance to take another vacation and go back home to Arkansas to visit family and friends.  It feels so great to be me and not worry about anything else.  I started the trip in Dallas again where I got a mani/pedi and then had my […]



I am going to get my blood work done this next weekend so that I can be ready when I go to the clinic in November to get my hormones!!!  I am also getting to meet up with the person who has been so wonderful to set this site up […]


September update

I had my second visit with my therapist this week.  She is going to give me my letter for hormones on my next visit in November the same day that I will see the doctor to get the hormones!!  She really opened my eyes too.  I have been so shy […]



I spoke with a local clinic who works with transgendered individuals and set an appointment to meet with the doctor in November.  I have to get some lab work done first so they can determine what hormones I need and the right dosage.  If all goes right I will start […]



I had my visit with my therapist on Thursday.  Everything went really well and she learned a lot about me.  I learned that I can transition much quicker than I had expected also.  I told her my timeline was probably about 2 years and she asked why.  She has known […]



As I’ve said in my last few posts, life is changing for me.  I go see the gender therapist Thursday and I am very excited to see what she has to say.  My ex and I have also decided that it is best she moves out and on so I […]



I wanted to write a quick update here for everyone. I’ve been going through lots of pictures that were taken on my vacation and should be uploading them in the next few days and I’ll get my site designer to add them to the site. I will be more active […]



So my vacation has been great so far! I haven’t been able to get as many pictures as I had hoped but it is awkward asking my dad to take pictures for me. I have been his daughter the whole time thus far and we have had very serious talks […]


New beginning?

Well it appears my marriage is over I really didn’t want things to come to that but I have to understand that she just can’t handle me being the way I am and I don’t want her unhappy.  She is right that neither of us are happy right now and […]



So it is getting closer and closer to my vacation!!  I already have plans to get my hair and nails done and will possibly get my ears pierced as well.  I am very excited.  I recently spoke with my mom and she is just as accepting as my dad so […]



I recently had a bad string of events happen that may alter life for me forever.  Things are not going well at home unfortunately but that is something that girls like me face all the time.  I did get to share with my dad about this side of me and […]


New pics

i should have new pics posted very soon!! I’m finishing the editing process and will upload them here in the next week or so. I really like them, it was fun being me for a little while!


Busy, but….

It has been a very busy few weeks!  I am almost done with my move and will be settled into a new place soon.  It may still be a little while before I can get some free time to dress up again for new pictures but I’m hopeful that will […]


New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!  Sorry I’m not on here as often as I’d like to be but I have been rather busy with my job and promotion and I’ll be moving again very soon so Kayla is put on the backburner for just a little while.  […]


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! Sorry that my page has stalled some and caused some issues. Hopefully those problems will not last. I have about 30 more galleries being uploaded in the next few weeks and possibly a chance very soon to get some more pictures as well. I will also […]